On the study of the Bible and Knowing

  • Theology, when used to demystify the uniqueness and grandeur of God, will be a failure. He cannot be relegated to a thoroughly comprehensible subject. That would put us over Him.
  • Everything cannot be reduced to knowledge and that which we can comprehend. What is, is more than we can fully comprehend. Faith is required.
  • What can be known is enough for all we need. What we can know should change and affect everything in life.
  • What we cannot know should make us wonder at the majesty, grandeur, and uniqueness of God. This does not lead to an anti-intellectualism but an honest admission of our real position and limitations.
  • We will be accountable for all that we know and how we applied it. We should then put as much or more effort into applying as learning, because that is true knowing/experiencing. We will be judged when one outstrips the other: if we know without doing, or if we do without knowing (inasmuch as that leads to wrongdoing).
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