Doctrinal Statement

Work in Progress. Please come back later when we are finished. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Doctrinal statement in Progress:

1. Scripture – Inspired, Inerrant, Authoritative

Those texts which make up the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the Christian New Testament we believe to be the revealed Word of God, affirming that its assertions are without error (inerrant), that its promises are unfailing (infallible), and that its directives are to be obeyed (authoritative). (Additional Information)

2. God – Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and their various roles)

3. Humanity – intelligently and purposefully created, image of God, need of salvation

4. Salvation – work of Christ, necessity of the gospel

5. Christian responsibility – conformity to the Son

6. End of all things – return of Christ, resurrection of the dead (righteous and wicked), new Creation.

A couple other significant items where site administrators are in agreement:
1. Unconditional election
2. Premillennialism

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