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Life East of Eden

An expository sermon on Genesis 4 (Cain and Abel).

William Doolittle

Passing on the Comfort

An expository sermon on Isaiah 40:1-11.

William Doolittle

Set apart by God’s Word

A sermon on the role of God’s Word in relation to Creation, Israel, Jesus Christ, and the Christian.

William Doolittle

Jonah Chart

A one page summary of the book of Jonah in chart form.

Kevin Dodge


An outline, with additional background studies.

Kevin Dodge

Another Philemon Chart

A verse by verse chart on the book of Philemon.

Kevin Dodge

Philippians Book Chart

A one page book chart of Philippians.

Kevin Dodge

Holy, what does it mean?

A short discourse on the holiness of God with some implications.

Kevin Dodge

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